The Boeing 80 A was build in 1930, it was the first passenger plane from Boeing with more of ten seats. At that time, Boeing had a contract with the Postal Service, for transporting mail, so their made the decision of making a plane capable of transporting more of twelve passengers and the mail, in the same route.

Our design is based in a specific serial number, the Boeing 80 A # CN228M, with two nude engines, in the wings, and a cowled engine in the nose. Scaled down from copies of the real plans,at 1/13 of the real airplane, has 73" of wingspan, with a weight of 12 lbs.
Our demo plane, shows one engine .75 Supertigre 2C in the nose, and two freewheeling propellers.The plans, shows one 1.20 4C engine in the nose, and a revision shows how to build the plane with three engines, from .25 2C to .40 2C.

At this time, we have available: plans, and landing gear.

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